Thank you for visiting the world of Hugo Grey. I believe that photography is a form of art and poetry. I love the expression and the everlasting memories that we hold in our digital images. I started photography in 2015 in whiles being stationed with the United States Navy, in Ayase, Japan as H3H Photo which stood for Hugo's Hip Hop Headquarters Photography and became a loose hobby until I gained a particular passion for the creation of art. Have you ever danced with your eyes closed and felt every bass drum and snare move through your veins as you moved to the rhythm of the beat? YES!!!! I have as well with photography, not to mention we have to play some music during our photoshoot to bring life to that event. You will gain a true experience creating with me. I am looking forward to our art hanging in your living room, as the wallpaper on your phone, or even hanging in your bedroom for you to admire at the start of your day!